Apollo has been labeled the most "Greek" of the Greek gods. His handsome, beardless face and youthful, athletic torso have been associated with the male figures idealized by the ancient Greeks, and his association with the Muses allowed Roman, Renaissance, and Baroque artists to call on him for poetic inspiration. Yet because he was associated with so many elements - as god of the sun, of music, of medicine, of prophecy, of archery, and of flocks of sheep as well as of their adversaries, wolves - Apollo's essence and origins have been difficult to uncover. This volume gathers diverse views of Apollo's origins and his far-reaching influences. It provides a fresh, multifaceted portrait of Apollo through essays that explore such topics as the etymology of his name, his association with religious cults and sacred groves, his appearances in Greco-Roman literature, and his iconography in the visual arts. Also included are bibliographies of ancient and modern sources.

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